Lunch options for 800 calories menu

One of the challenges that Evolve users face is being able to follow their daily calorie restrictions. A day with less than 1,500 calories can become a problem for some people. A lot of our users are, understandably, new to low-calorie menus and diet recipes.

The idea behind it is that after a while, Evolve's calorie tracker helps users form new, better habits and routines that help them with both weight loss and weight management. That said, for everyone who's still at a point where thinking about healthy, light recipes feels overwhelming, we've put together 5 different lunch options that are perfect, even for days where you're restricted to eating as low as 800 calories.


Option 1

1 tablespoon of brown rice

1 omelet without oil

1 tbsp of steamed broccoli


Option 2

1 tbsp ff brown rice

1 fillet of salmon with mustard sauce

1 tbsp of bean

Peas as you like


Option 3

1 plate of green salad with tomato and corn seasoned with olive oil and salt

1 tsbp of brown rice

1 grilled beef fillet


Option 4

1 grilled chicken breast fillet

2 tbsp of roasted sweet potato

½ cup of steamed broccoli


Option 5

1 tbsp cooked brown rice

1 tbsp full of lentils

1 cup carrot cut into strips

1 grilled chicken fillet